Balance Your Hormones

and Awaken Your Metabolism

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  • Physical Body Upgrade

    Align the bodies biochemistry to balance hormones, unlock unlimited energy, release excess weight, restore sleep and step into your most confident self again.

  • Full Mental Activation

    Activating your full mental potential, improving cognition, releasing limiting beliefs and crafting new programming for our most whole body, health and life.

  • Emotion and Energy Shifts

    Shifting and releasing stored emotions and energy to free up the energetic bodies to allow full light and energy to flow and life to feel light and free again.

Gifting you the blueprint, the activation, the vibrational frequency to cleanse, heal and energise your whole body through multi-dimensional energy alchemy.

Release excess weight and old programming, integrate divine union with your light source and energise your cells, body and life in a sacred dance of abundance and fulfillment.

We activate your DNA through balancing your biochemistry and hormones, resetting the bodies metabolism, recharging the cells, removing blocks and density, cleansing the body and energy fields to increase the flow of your life force energy.

You will never be the same again....

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It's Time To Wake Up....

Baby brain is a FALLACY, excess weight has NOTHING to do with exercise and tiredness is NOT normal.
I used many excuses to JUSTIFY why I crashed on the couch after work,
why I THRIVED off busyness and sunk into hole when I stopped,
why my back ACHED, and why my skin was covered in spots,
why period was so PAINFUL,
why I self SABOTAGED promising myself everyday I would start tomorrow,
for years,
I thought I was living a normal healthy life and it took a big smack in the face to realise this might be 'common' but it is NOT 'normal'

So many people are getting a SMACK in the face at the moment,
health issues, cancer, auto-immune conditions, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance or fertility conditions, loss of young life, accidents, disasters...

We have been EXISTING not living,
we are way OFF course,
and we need the smack in the face to bring us back,
back into ALIGNMENT with our heart, our soul, our source energy,
into full COHERANCE with our physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies,
FLOWING with ease and grace,

We are CLEANSING, HEALING, breaking down and CRACKING wide open,
to hold more ENERGY and LIGHT,
to THRIVE, ENERGISED and full of LIFE,

It is our destiny,
don't be FOOLED by the matrix,
by fear, old programming, safety, the predictable,
its time to step into our fullest self,

I walk you through the EXACT steps I used,
to CLEANSE my body, to activate dormant DNA,
to BALANCE the hormones and biochemistry of my physical body,
to REPROGRAM my blueprint, my neurological pathways and vibrational frequency,
to unlock legit 1000% MORE energy, release 10kg EASILY, without exercise, fire my brain on all cylinders and step into my most, aligned, in flow feminine goddess self,

I give you everything I did,
to free myself from the BURDENS of my body,
my weight, my auto-immune, my skin, my pain, my energy,

What I found was BEYOND anything I could imagine,

Please don't wait for the wake up call,
its awfully painful,

You can access MORE, in your cells, your body, your life,
right NOW.

Help me find my sparkle again

What Our Customers Say

""This is the first time in quite some years I have managed to get to the bottom of my weight problems. Natalee has guided me and helped me understand in more details what my findings were. I gave the 7 day challenge a go and the weight came off immediately..... So far I have lost a total of 8kg. My weight needs to come off as they are linked to having high BP and NAFLD. Even though I have been clean eating for two years this wasn't the solution. I have learnt about, stress, cortisol levels, fasting, estrogen and adrenal fatigue... basically how everything links together like a domino effect. Food is medicine and managing eating patterns is certainly the key to feeling more energised, less stressed and stay positive to go all the way. Thank you Natalee for your knowledge, advice and time, I cannot thank you enough!"

- Catherine Haigh

"I started on my journey 6 weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I am seeing amazing results. So much help and support whenever I need it. Why didn't I do this sooner"

- Karen Sherry

"This program will literally change your life! I started this program very worried it would all end badly and that I would still feel as though each day was a physical battle and that my weight would continue to climb. Over the weeks my health has steadily improved and my weight has dropped to the lowest in years. There have been hurdles along the way but Nat is super supportive and this program is unique. The support group is great for sharing everything from recipes to finding resilience and understanding. I am so happy I took the first step to changing my life."

- Laura Watson

"Awesome program, has shifted my thinking entirely and the weight is now falling off. Thanks natalee"

- Nicole Campbell

"I decided to do the '7 day Fat Burning' Challenge. I had managed to motivate myself back into exercise (Pilates 3 - 4 times a week) and felt better than ever! All my cellulite had disappeared and I had gained muscle. My sleep had improved and I felt 10 times better than where I had started."

- Kaz Findlay

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FREE Workshop : Balance Your Hormones and Awaken Your Metabolism

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