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Have you given yourself


Do you remember the moment you couldn't do it any more?

When you woke up from another restless night not wanting to face another day. When you put on that outfit and looked at yourself in the mirror in disgust. When you asked not to have your photo taken too embarrased to be seen. When you just crashed on the couch and couldn't move from exhaustion. When you felt so terribly alone and confused because diets and exercise don't work for you. When you lost control of your body and health.

If this story sounds all too familiar, I know how you feel,

Because that was me to.

I had put everyone else first for so long, saying 'yes' to everyone, I had no idea I had been saying 'no' to myself. As a personal trainer at the time I thought I was eating and living a healthy life, but my body was awfully sick and I had no idea what what life could be like.

I had no idea what was missing.

These day's I have limitless energy, am in control of my food, weight and body and I shine so bright when I walk in a room, the fire inside me burning once again.

I slowly found the missing pieces, the ones mainstream don't want you to know about. I researched healing diets, studied nutrition and positive psychology, I delved deeper into hormones and metabolism, self experimented, asked questions and found a coach. I made many mistakes, so many mistakes, lots of pain and tears but then it became clear.

Now I thrive daily not just in body and mind but right down to my soul and I want to share all this with you. Everyone deserves this beauty, this health, this life of abundance, of richness. You deserve true happiness and full health and I will show you through our videos, downloads, our life- changing programs, our retreats, events and up coming books. I will give you everything you need......


you must make a decision

ONE: do nothing and hope everything work's out

TWO: acknowledge you are worthy of investing time and money into yourself and take a leap of faith.

When you give yourself permission to put yourself first, to invest in yourself, you open the doors to all you could possibly dream of and more.

Natalee Anderson


Hi my name is Natalee and I see patterns.

I strip away all the layers dulling your shine and allow you to see your true beauty and nothing makes me more happy.

Sure I am a nutritional therapist, personal trainer, life coach and intuitive with 15 years of coaching for results experience up my sleeve but these are only my tools or systems to structure your transformation.

The real transformation comes from seeing your blindspots which I see so clearly, from knowing how to gently stretch you without overwhelming you, from walking hand by hand with you, genuinely caring about not just your outcome but your journey.

I create life changing transformation for anyone and ONLY everyone who is ready.

Tanya Neill


Tanya is a incredibly sensitive and loving woman who has gone through her own life transformation to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, strong and empowered.

Proud mother of four young adults and four beautifully gifted grandchilden Tanya spent most of her life putting everyone one else first and sometimes still struggles to ask for help.

Tanya loves learning about all things holistic health and spends time in the kitchen cooking up the most amazing low carbohydrate meals and treats. One of her favourite past times is sharing these meals around a table with her family and friends.

At the same age as our client base Tanya is able to connect with woman in a way they feel genuinely understood and accepted. Everything women in their 40's and 50's longs for.

A super mum, now also a super team member, Tanya helps new members find their feet and hold's them accountable to their promise to themselves. Tanya is the Queen of customer experience so each committed customer is met with love, accountability and strong leadership to exceed expectations in weight loss and health, short and long term.

Tamsyn Neill


Tamsyn is a beautiful deep soul who loves helping others. With a passion for all things holistic health, Tamsyn has been on her own personal journey through the rough terrain of physical, mental and emotional health to come out wiser than many who have lived a lifetime.

Tamsyn has an adorable white silky terrier x chihuahua who lives with her and her partner in their own private haven created to inspire health and hapiness. With an emphasis on plant based whole food living and essential oils for wellness, Tamsyn is always looking for the best way to improve her health.

Travelling to many countries, on many adventures, Tamsyn loves to visit new places. While Paris owns her heart, she will always return home to spend time with her much loved family who she is very close to.

A strong leader within our team, Tamsyn is the first point of contact into our company. She has the unique ability to ask the hard questions with love and decide whether we are the best people to help you on your new path and whether you are right for the journey with us.


Are you ready to give yourself permission to put yourself first?