Decluttering for Abundance in Health and Life

Earlier in my health journey I spent so much time investing time, energy and money into practices, food, rituals, study and research to heal my body, mind and soul at the source rather than a bandaid fix. 
There was a lot of energy spent in this space with an imbalance of results, and the burden of burn out, loss of faith in healing and confusion around direction.
I was working harder rather than smarter and while all the steps were awesome, it wasn’t yielding the result I was after.

Last year, 

energy became the final jigsaw puzzle in the healing process of physical, mental and emotional health, it was the overarching system that supported a WHOLE and abundant health and life.

My approach then shifted dramatically and from it was the birth of our PURPOSE, PASSION and RESULTS course for feminine CYCLES.. 

The block of energy flow had come in the form of GIVING and DOING to achieve health and an insufficient RECEIVING and BEING. 

There was insufficient space for receiving an abundant health and life because there was too much clutter in all the things I was doing.

Stuck in my energy field were beliefs around what I do in a day equals my value. Emotions around not being good enough, childhood wounds stored in my body prevented the new from coming in. In my physical environment I had clutter from books, prepping food, courses and schedules.


In its simplicity, 

the energy was going out and I had blocked new energy coming in.

An infinity symbol, abundance, comes from the balance of flow in and out. 

So where are you cluttered? 
Where are you blocking the natural flow of energy in AND out?

1. PHYSICAL clutter could literally be all the recipe books, years of stuff in your house, old kids toys, things from old relationships, 

everything carries energy and by having an energetic cord attached to these things it can limit the space for welcoming the new into your health and life.

What can you remove from your physical environment?

2. ENERGY clutter is

'Giving' or 'doing' excessively without the balance and inflow of being and receiving.

Where are you giving too much? Where are you doing too much? Are you open to receiving? Can you receive compliments or accept help, or gifts? Accepting and receiving this energy in the form of words, gestures, gifts is encouraging the flow of energy into your life. Do you have a balance of inflow and outflow? 

3. EMOTIONAL clutter hangs in the form of stored emotions in your energy field. Are you holding onto pain, do you push down your anger or swallow your sadness. 

This is not 'coping' this is delaying healing, it is stored energy in the body, cultivating illness and cluttering your body with energy that is harmful.

What emotions do you need to declutter? It may be ‘clean as you go’ type approach of honouring and releasing emotions as they come up, or maybe you need to release old stored emotions, childhood wounds through tapping, inner child work or other healing modalities.

4. What about your MENTAL clutter. 

Is your headspace clear for the inflow of new ideas, clarity, purpose and direction?

Or are you thinking about what you wished you said to that person, worrying about all the work you have to do, or maybe telling stories to yourself of unworthiness. How can you declutter your mind? Meditation? Mindfulness? Activities that shift you into being and flow? When do you need to do this most?

Its time to get out of your own way, encourage the fresh flow of energy in and out of your life.

Take a moment just to be and see or feel where you are in imbalance. Make this your priority this week to shift energy and be open to receiving more magic from the universe, abundant health and an energised life.

If you feel called to learn how to balance this flow of energy by moving gracefully in cycles throughout the day, the week the month, the year I encourage you to join our Purpose, Passion and Results course as part of our monthly membership.
There is no lock in, cancel anytime, you will learn how to use this flow to maximise your energy and heal, you will also have access to over 80 fat burning and hormone balancing recipes, there are modules on connecting and healing your inner child, decluttering your mind and learning how to self care without the guilt as well as weekly support calls with me!

This is a place for WHOLE healing, for you to feel light and free to enjoy all of life in its abundance.

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