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[FREE] Fat Burning Meal Plan

Here is a Free Sample Fat Burning Meal Plan with bonus shopping list and recipes. You will feel 100% satisfied, no deprivation, you don't need to exercise, and you will lose some weight in the first week.

I'll tell you why it works. It is not about the calories that you put into your body, not the number of calories in or out - it is about what those calories communicate to your body - the hormones, the chemical messages, it sends to your brain, to your muscles, to your fat cells.

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[FREE] 7 Day Fat Burning Challenge

This challenge is designed to get straight to the point. Which hormones are imbalanced, how its controlling your life and how to fix it in 7 short days. Most people lose 1-3kg in a week and notice improved sleep and skin, reduced bloating, increased energy and all round happiness.

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[FREE] Release Stored Emotions With Essential Oils

Essential oils can be 50-70 times more powerful than the herbs and unlike herbs they not only penetrate the physical body but also the energy field surrounding the body. Low vibrational energies such as negative emotions, grief, anger, sadness, cannot survive in high vibrations so they are pushed to the surface to be released. Smells are the only way to directly access the limbic system in the brain where memories are stored, using essential oils can activate the limbic system and unlock DNA to allow emotions to be released from cellular memory.

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[Free Workshop] - Balance Your Hormones and Awaken Your Metabolism in 3 Easy Steps

Learn the 3 simple steps to losing any amount of weight and keep it off, unlock 20x the energy you have now and program your cells, neurons and frequency in this free Workshop designed to balance your hormones and awaken your metabolism using simple tools you can put into practice in 5 minutes and get results right away!

Our participants say this training is: "invaluable" "Fantastic workshop" "brilliant" "Thank you sooo was wonderful" "lots of value". It changes their perspective: "its made me rethink my approach"

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Our Customers


This program will literally change your life! I started this program very worried it would all end badly and that I would still feel as though each day was a physical battle and that my weight would continue to climb. Over the weeks my health has steadily improved and my weight has dropped to the lowest in years. There have been hurdles along the way but Nat is super supportive and this program is unique. The support group is great for sharing everything from recipes to finding resilience and understanding. I am so happy I took the first step to changing my life.

Laura Watson

This is an excellent program designed specifically for women in their 40s and 50s.
If you're that age group I'd say go for it because the amount of relevant information and the excellent support you get from Natalee will help you smash through barriers you might not have even realised you had.

You'll finally be able to enjoy healthy eating, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel happier and calmer than before.

Linda Miller

"This is the first time in quite some years I have managed to get to the bottom of my weight problems. Natalee has guided me and helped me understand in more details what my findings were. I gave the 7 day challenge a go and the weight came off immediately..... So far I have lost a total of 8kg. My weight needs to come off as they are linked to having high BP and NAFLD. Even though I have been clean eating for two years this wasn't the solution. I have learnt about, stress, cortisol levels, fasting, estrogen and adrenal fatigue... basically how everything links together like a domino effect. Food is medicine and managing eating patterns is certainly the key to feeling more energised, less stressed and stay positive to go all the way. Thank you Natalee for your knowledge, advice and time, I cannot thank you enough!"

Catherine Haigh

I started on my journey 6 weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I am seeing amazing results. So much help and support whenever I need it. Why didn't I do this sooner

Karen Sherry

You will never regret doing this program......I think we as mothers feel guilty ......What we create is a new woman who is empowered not only within herself, but can then go on to role model healthy behaviours and ideas to the children we are raising.

Leeann Hudson


"I started on my journey 6 weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I am seeing amazing results. So much help and support whenever I need it. Why didn't I do this sooner 😁"


""Awesome program, has shifted my thinking entirely and the weight is now falling off. Thanks Natalee"


"In the last 6 months I have managed to get to a steady weight, it's more healthy than I was. I feel like I have got a lot more muscle, a lot more definition in my body. I am happier and confident in myself... my cellulite has decrease in my legs as well through the fat burning approach."


"There was quite a few light bulb moments there for me. All the different things you can actually do to assist, without it having anything to do with what you are eating or drinking. "

"What I have gotten more, is confidence and belief in myself."


".. so informative and Natalee has been so generous to give us her time & knowledge ... Purely because she cares so much for women that are trying to lose weight & aren't seeing results. I loved being able to watch videos from Natalee & see her passion.. Thank you Natalee!!!
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